Saturday, 10 January 2015

Gartner's Story

 "I would like to retain the time which advances
 unrelentingly and leave  some of  my traces  in
 the memory of men..."
                                                  G A R T N E R



Born in Antwerp (Belgium) February 1

Attended music school, classical, jazz music.

Worked as author and composer.

Concentrated on writing poetry and began to make his first drawings. 

First price poetry - Belgian Radio Television contest.

After completing his studies, began to travel around the world. 

Traveled to Brazil. Met singer-poet and diplomat Vinicius De Moraes.

Traveled thoughout Spain and discovered the works of Tapies and Clavé.

Decided to live a couple of months in Brazil. Travelled through the Amazon

and mets its native peoples. Began to paint as an autodidact.

First exhibition in the U.S.A. Avanti Galleries in New Jersey and New York.

First collaboration with Gallery Cédric Van Der Planken, Antwerp.
1991 - 2014

Art Fairs and exhibitions around the world.

Exhibition History

2014AAF Brussels Belgium
2013Hof ter Puttens , Lede Belgium
2012Artistes du Monde, Cercle de Lorraine, Bruxelles , 10-14 mai. ART GENT 2012.
2011The Affordable Art Fair Brussels, 25-28/02/2011, Tour & Taxis, The AAF Amsterdam 11-15/05/2011 AAF New York september 22 /25/2011
2010Art Chigaco (Van Der Planken Gallery) Gartner at Punch Graphix Int.nv.IPEX Fair Birmingham SOFA New York (USA)Art & Judaism - sept- Antwerp. Tel Aviv Accessible Art Fair September, Brussels Accessible Art Fair - June,Art Chigaco (Van Der Planken Gallery) - 
2009-2010Antilope Art Gallery, Lier (Belgium)Lineart Art Fair - United Art Contemporary Gallery-Art & Brussels Accessible Art Fair - June - Brussels Accessible Art Fair - June - 
2009AAF,Affordable Art Fair ,Brussels(Belgium). Artcurial " Ecole de l'espoir " Paris .
2008Linéart Art Fair , Gent (Belgium)
2007 Artist of the SABAM - Natuur Art-Waterloo, Alter Ego Gallery Brugge , Argo Gallery Knokke Le Zoute.Bienale CLASSICA Kotrijk.
2006 Eurantica Int Art Fair,Brussels .Gallery 'tHof te Puttens, Natuur ART SABAM Artists.
2005 ArtThemaGallery, Brussels. Toronto Art Fair (Canada)
2004 St'Art Art Fair,Strasbourg.Art Thema Gallery Brussels.Linéart Art Fair, Gent.
2003 Artist of the SABAM - Kapelle-op-den-Bos. 'tHof te Puttens Gallery, Lede.
2001 Van Der Planken -Eugeen van Mighem Museum,Linéart Art Fair .
2000 St'Art Art Fair, Strasbourg. Gallery Van Der Planken , Antwerp .Kasteel Groeneveld Baarn. (The Netherlands) Art Paris Art Fair , Paris .
1999 Classic Vll Art Fair, Dewart Gallery, Brussels. Cultural Center André Spinoy, Mechelen
1998 Bologna Art Fair, Bologna (Italy) St'Art Art Fair, Art-Jonction, Nice(France) Linéart Art Fair
1997 St'Art Art Fair, Linéart Art Fair. Kunstrai Art Fair, Amsterdam. Biennale Monaco.
1996 St'Art Art Fair , Strasbourg (France). Kunstforum, Schelderode (Belgium).Dewart Gallery, Brussels. C.C.Elzenveld, Antwerp,Van Der Planken Gallery. Antwerp.
1995 Dewart Gallery , Brussels.
1994 Art Piatno Gallery, St-Idesbald,Van Der Planken Gallery, Antwerp.Linéart Art Fair Gent.
1993 Easter in Ostend , Art Piatno Gallery , Classic lV Art Fair Kortrijk.
1992 GalleryVanDerPlanken,Antwerp. Le Miroir d'Encre, Brussels, Linéart Art Fair, Gent
1991 Avanti Galleries , New York . N J (U.S.A.). Le Miroir D'encre , Brussels . Casino Ostend(Belgium).Linéart Art Fair, Gent.