Saturday, 30 July 2016


"Autoportrait" by Sheera Jacobs
Born in South Africa in 1984, Sheera Jacobs grew up in Israel, and then left to study in London, where she graduated from the Slade School of Art. Currently she exhibits her artwork in numerous contemporary art galleries in London and Tel Aviv.
Sheera attempts to represent an entire universe of objects and characters starting with photographs of people or landscapes, to which she adds an extra dimension by painting or drawing. It is obvious that the characters are not where they should be, but in a perpetual movement, in a search connecting concepts of time, memory, identity of the culture and space.
This Thursday, July 28th, the artist, together with the “Don’t Touch My Anxiety” group, to which she belong, will be opening an exhibition organized at the Central Gallery, in Tel Aviv. The burst of marginalization and social truths exists in this space that makes room for anxiety; through their creation, the artists express the difficulty and the misery, the silent existence, so easy to ignore.
As to the “She” exhibition – an international artistic collaboration bringing together the creation of artists from England, United States and Vietnam, exploring the construction of femininity, it will open on July 30th at the Ugly Duck Gallery in London.

For more information on the artist:

Central Gallery
Levinsky 108
Tel Aviv
Opening: Thursday 28/07 at 8:00 P.M.
Closing: Thursday 09/01

(Article published in the blog Times of Israel)